1200 calorie meal plan - Will I Lose Weight on a 1200 Calorie Diet?

That's the question a million dollar asked many nutritionists and dieticians. You can be a person who can successfully lose weight on 1200 calorie meal plan or it may not. 

Calorie needs depend on many factors. You need calories to fuel the basic physiological processes like breathing and keeping your heart. You also need energy in the form of calories to your daily activities, including reading, brushing teeth, and driving. If you exercise, you need more. And a small amount of 1200 calorie meal plan it takes to digest the food you eat. These basic energy needs are influenced by gender, age, weight and size. 

A 1200 calorie meal plan may be appropriate for a woman, but most likely it is not too low calorie intake for a man. The least safe calorie intake for men is usually 1500-1600 calories. 

Nutritionists recommend 1200 calorie meal plan as the minimum caloric intake of safety for women, for two reasons. It is difficult to achieve nutritional balance for less. In addition, the minimum number of calories needed by most women to meet basic physiological needs, even at rest, it is 1200 calorie meal plan. This number or extent of basic needs of the energy is called the basal metabolic rate or BMR. 

If you can not meet their basic energy needs, your body thinks you are starving and cling more tightly to their reserves of body fat by reducing your BMR. This makes it harder to lose weight. 

What you need to do is determine your BMR based on age, sex, weight and height. Also your calorie needs for any type of formal exercise you do, such as walking, 1200 calorie meal plan jogging or swimming. The total number of calories for BMR, the more energy cost of the exercise will be less of its total energy needs. What for? You still need calories for daily activities other than formal exercise 1200 calorie meal plan. This is how you can have a calorie deficit that encourages your body to draw the fat reserves for energy. It works best if you exercise, along with diet and follow the instructions I have provided here. 

Now you know how to determine the answer to the question: "Will I lose weight on a 1200 calorie meal plan" Did you eat more calories than your BMR, plus the cost of energy? exercise? If this is the case, and do you should lose weight.