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How To Lose Weight Fast - The Top 3 Winners

Open the Bible and start with the 3 best ways to lose weight fast.

1. Did not eat anything for 5 days.

Now, lose belly fat this may be considered the above method to lose weight quickly. This is the economical version of the surgery weight loss, no side effects at all ... and maybe a headache not to eat anything. All you have to do is not to eat for at least 5 days. Then, on the sixth day, eat what you want. Then on the seventh day, repeat not eat for 5 days.

You could get dizzy, but think about how much weight you lose, and after all lose belly fat, you can tell your friends you will find the best kept secret of fashion to lose weight quickly. To do this, whenever you need to lose weight quickly. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle during this time lose belly fat. This is an added benefit that you can not lead to the release of the favorite fast food lose weight.

2. Eat the same color.

Now this is one of my favorites that almost anyone can do. Just take a quick trip to the grocery store to buy food in your favorite color. Any color, as long as you can eat food from the same color family. I will choose the red. Super! Now all you have to do is to eat foods that are red lose belly fat. You can have red apples, cherries, red peppers, tomatoes, and do not forget the ice cream with cherry! As long as it is red lose weight.

3. Think thin thoughts.

Here's a great. All you have to do to lose weight fast is to simply think yourself thin. Ask the universe to achieve a lean body while indulging in a delicious piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream. Imagine yourself thin when you want something to eat lose belly fat. This is a great way to lose weight quickly. And do not forget my money the tooth fairy owes me too.

Of course, these tips have mocked something that most people have trouble doing. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh in the process, remember why you want to lose weight and commit to it.